Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's been a while I not active... something bugging me...
It's seem our natinal new more to a politic propaganda not a media for deliver right message.

I remember a incident that really make me piss off the TV3 and a YB,
while organizing tresure hunt 3D2N accross Pahang, N9, Selangor & last is malacca.
We have plan the event 2 month earlier and after confirm with the participant, we book a hotel at PD for 2nd night.
we have confirm with the room availibility with the hotel.
At the event, once we arrived, all get their room and like usual, as commitee we will not check in till all team arrived,
last 2 team arrived and they entered the hotel for check in, but the hotel said
"we are sorry, all room are full, sir"
we suprised and show comfirmation letter by hotel for the availibility of room.
"Sorry sir, there are technichal error, all rooms are full sir"
Committee have decide to discuss with a few participant to share room,
Alhamdulillah, they agreed.
during the room change process, a workers told us that what in the letters are truth.
Actually our rooms been robbed by a YB and TV3 crew who are suddenly want to stay there.
If the hotel refused, they will give bad impression in TV for the hotel..
so their management agreed to sacrifice our room for them...
we feel sorry for the hotel but for us, we will never step in to the hotel again